Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Slippery Slope

So my whole weekend and the following week have been one slippery slope.

It all started on Saturday when I met up with BGK for drinks on the circuit. Of course I decided to have a few cocktails before meeting up and decided to send a text message to the ex. Always a mistake! I was just feeling a little bit lonely and next thing you know I have opened a nightmare can of worms. He decides that he is going to come over to see how I am doing. Luckily by the time I get his text message I am mid-way through my first cocktail at JRs with BGK. Thank god!

After a drink or two at JRs we head over to Cobalt. Now I have noticed that the psycho guy that I had two random hook-ups with seems to be in my line of sight everywhere I go in the bar (this is the guy that told me he was going to watch for me everywhere I went and if he ever saw me talking to someone he would tell them what a dick I was... guy is definitely crazy! I am not even mentioning how this whole conversation came about). Well, I decide that it is time for me to reclaim my bars from psycho so I march up to him and make a smart ass comment to which he replies a good ole f' you. I respond by flicking him off in a wildly obvious gesture (wanted to make sure everyone saw) and gave him a big ole f' you back and I promptly walked away. I definitely felt very empowered. How could I let some crazy Navy guy make me feel weird anymore... NO MAAM!

So that leads us to Sunday. I am sure that you can read bartender's description of the little party and know that we all were trashed. The ex that I texted the night before made an appearance and so we decided to talk real quick. It was cool... we are fine...just owned up to being a little bit lonely and we agreed that we all feel that way sometimes and it ok to own up to it with eachother (clearly not a good idea but that is what we decided after numerous cocktails).

I wake up bright and early on Sunday morning to text from telling me how lonely he is feeling... and here we go. Now we are both on the slippery slope... every phrase, every comment, every IM, everything leads us right back to the week after we broke up. All of the coded messages and reading into everything that is said. I want off the slope!


By the way... I hate my job this week that is for another entry some other time!


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