Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Questions from the Metro

I have been storing a list of questions that I ask myself while on the Metro:

1. Why does the overweight woman always sit next to me? Why not the hot marine in his fatigues?

2. Who is the mid-thirties African-American man listening to Debbie Gibson on his Ipod? Yes, it is that loud that we could all hear “Out of the Blue?”

3. Why do the GW Graduate students refused to take off their backpacks on a crowded train? All they need to do is hold them at their sides.

4. Why is that every time it is a female conductor, she closes the doors super-quick before anyone can get on?

5. Don’t tourist know they are not supposed to ride the metro during rush hour?

6. Why does the guy from the Examiner get all pissy with me if I don’t take his crappy paper?

7. Why is the A/C in the metro stations only designed to keep the stations at a comfortable 80 degrees?

8. How did the homeless guy get onto the metro with his grocery cart?

9. Why do people get up to stand in front of the doors an entire station before their exit and then stand on the escalator and not walk? Are you in that big of a hurry or not?


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous copperred said...

1. Because he's afraid if he sat next to you his ass would slowly crawl across the seat and land in your lap. You know Marines...

4. Because she loves seeing her sisters get stuck with their asses protruding out the door. And she takes great pleasure in seeing those women with the expesive bags panic when the bag is inside the train but the rest of them is still on the platform.

I got here through Sean, TheSeanShow


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