Friday, September 16, 2005


To go off of what BGK said below - I am SO over Badlands (currently called Apex) It has become one of those places that every time I go there I swear it'll be the last.

Two weeks ago after our excursion at GL we were feeling no pain and wanted to continue on with the celebration. For some reason we headed off to Sadlands.

The first thing that I noticed upon entering was just how young everyone is there. And I'm not just talking about age - I'm talking about mentality. I don't think I was ever as young as some of these kids. The new crop of the early twenty-somethings are truly a frightening bunch. They have this weird dichotomy of strong ego and sense of entitlement mixed in with insecurity and a complete lack of the basic understanding of who they are a person.

When mixed with alcohol this can only lead to trouble. Or at least a very annoyed Mr. Bartender.

The gay boys no longer walk around the bar, their straight girlfriends grab them by the hand and drag them around. It's disturbingly fascinating to watch. Come on boys, what happened to your balls?? Have they dropped yet??

I also find that if I'm going to walk through a bar filled with that many obnoxious college twinks I'm going to need to start wearing protective gear. These kids walk with their arms and purses flying in all directions. Being in these twinks presence mean you're going to get constantly walked into and bumped (probably as a result of all the bumps they just snorted in the bathroom seconds earlier). That is not the kind of body contact I'm looking for.

And oohhhhhh the drama.... now team lady has had our share of drunken bar drama - we're gay problem-drinkers so of course we have drama - but even when trashed we tend to keep the drama within the fold of those involved. We hide our drama from the other bar patrons. After all, if we come across as a bitchy queen how are we gonna get laid?? Well these Sadlands queens get all Jerry Springer with their drama. It's as if they feel it is their duty to put on a show for a captivated audience. Changing where you stand in the bar is like changing the channels on tv - flipping from one "reality" tv drama to the next.

So free drinks or not - give me Green Lantern any day of the week over Sadlands. I like being among shirtless low-attitude men much more than shirtless raver twinks. I like it that when I get bumped into at the Green Lantern that people actually turn around and apologize or say excuse me. I LOVE being able to go out to relax and be sure that they only headache I will receive will be from the copious amount of alcohol I consumed, and not from the crowd at the bar.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Dale said...

Totally agree, while Sadlands was fun while in college I think I still bear the scars from several drunk college jerks waving their cigarettes about!!!


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