Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Randomness

"oh how i miss
substituting a conclusion to confrontation with a kiss
and oh how i miss
walking up to the edge and jumping in
like i could feel the future on your skin"

- ani difranco "firedoor"

1. Not to be outdone by the spring theme of really kick ass concerts (Neko Case, Feist, Jenny Lewis, Sarah Harmer, Beth Orton, Patty Griffin, etc) this summer is proving to be quite exciting. Just on the horizon we have KT Tunstall, Cat Power, Calexico, Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple (second row seats!), and just announced this week my girl Ani DiFranco. I'm in heaven!

2. Allergies have seriously been kicking my ass. It wouldn't be so bad if this spring was like most and I would just take copious amount of allergy drugs and live life in a dopey but breathable haze. Oh no, the drugs have helped keep me from being debilitated but I'm still a walking talking snot machine. It all just festers there in my sinuses until I excuse myself and spent 5 minutes and half a box of Kleenex blowing puddles of snot out of my nose. It's disgusting. Plus i think I'm getting a new rumor at the bar - my constant sniffing and excusing myself to go blow my nose just makes everyone think I have a coke problem. Nice... Dr. Appointment scheduled for Tuesday to see if I can switch meds to something a little more effective than my Zyrtec, Nasacort & Benadryl triple threat....

3. Speaking of the bar, things there have been slowing down a bit. I'm not sure if its due to the change in the seasons or if it's that now that some of the SE bars have shut down there's less of an excuse for people to trek over to the far side of town. Hope the later is not the case cause daddy gots bills to pay.... Fortunately despite smaller crowds, the people who are in have generally been the good tippers that help me keep on my new found path of fiscal responsibility. Yes, Mr. B had a come to Jesus moment and decided his debt has got to go. Plans are in progress to put an end to the monthly lube-free-anal-raping known as high interest.

4. Another thing that helps those slow nights is having some good quality peeps at your bar to help pass the time. This past weekend found the sexy bitches two nights in a row which allowed me to exchange smiles with my bisexual concert buddy :) Saturday, Carl and Tom swung by and I finally got the chance to officially meet Bob . It was a great way to get the night started. Although meeting Bob made me even more disappointed I never get to attend this Saturday night party. Seriously kids, if you're free this Saturday you should go so I can live vicariously through you. While you're at it have yourself a strong cocktail and a furry muscle bear for me :)

5) And finally, this week marked the first time in about two and a half years since I've seen the heart breaking ex. He walked past me as I was having dinner with friends Tuesday night. Didn't upset me as much as it unsettled me. As much as I've moved on from things, I think I just need to have a chance to say my piece to him. Last time I saw him I had a panic attack in the middle of CVS. Now I'm at a place where I really think I can say what I have to say and be fine. Maybe if nothing else, to let go of some of this anger I've been carrying around with me. I'm not talking some Jerry Springer chair throwing confrontation, just a frank talk about what he did and how it has affected me (for good as well as bad). Now the only question is will it be another two and a half years til I see him again?


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At 11:28 AM, Blogger Scott said...

if you need a token/substitute friend to go to ani, I'd so be in.

At 1:31 PM, Blogger TOS said...

As a fellow sinus boy try using Simply Saline. It's a saline mist in a can that shoots up your nose. Do it in the shower so you get the extra benefit of the hot steam. This really helps flush your sinuses and helps prevent infections. Just doing this has cut my sinus infections in half! You can get it at CVS, Rite Aid etc.

As for the ex-asshole... if you think you need the closure and are ready to get things off your chest I would formulate what you want to say and then find him. Make things on your terms. You don't want to be waiting around for the moment to come to you b/c it might not, just make things more anxious or not go as well b/c of spontaneity.

It's all about you - say what you need to say when you're ready. If he's nasty then send a big snotball his way ;-)

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Mr. Bartender said...

Scott - I've got a couple people rounded up to go to Ani but if you wanna come the more the merrier!!

Tos - I'll have to check out that Saline stuff. I'll let you know how it works out. As for the ex, not sure how to proceed. But you're right it should be on my terms.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger TOS said...

It's a you-you world and you're the president (expression courtesy of Dbud...)

Good luck I hear it is going to be a high pollen day and I'm already choking too

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Dop said...

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At 7:14 PM, Blogger Dop said...

Perhaps you could identify your ex's a bit more clearly, so people don't get the wrong idea about who mistreated you? Just a suggestion. ;-)

PS - sorry about your allergies!

At 11:05 PM, Blogger Asian Mistress said...

Are you going to KT Tunstall because I AM!!!!

You should call me if you are, we can meet up.


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