Monday, January 02, 2006

Lonely Blue Dot

Hark! Alas, I am here where I belong. I know that this post is a bit overdue, considering Mr. Bartender opened the door and invited me to join ‘and so it is’ over three weeks ago. All the holiday hoopla got me a bit distracted recently. I decided to start off on the right foot today and write out something that’ll help work out some apprehension I’ve had about journaling in this format. One last thing before we get started, I want you to know that every bit of wit, wisdom, sarcasm and sass that I’ll use to share my thoughts about my journey through life are bona fide 100% SASS certified through my lifetime brotherhood in SASS (see below).

Last week, I attempted to compose my first message to post, and I must say that I was somewhat actually pleased with what I was able to get out of my head and into words that made at least some sense. I added an image and even my first blog link, but the blogging gods frowned upon me and with an accidental keystroke the entire post went blank…. Ugh…far from happiness. Anyway, I sent Mr. Bartender a message through our secret little GT Messenger service, for his advice on how to compose/layout/edit a post and not lose it so quickly. He suggested either use Outlook or Word to compose the text then edit layout/images later. I opted to use MS Word and if you’re reading this then it probably worked.

A couple days ago as that tragic year 2005 was coming to an end, I took a break from “working” and decided to do some investigative research with the all mighty lords of Friendster. I saw that I had a message in my inbox and clicked to open the message and found a slightly disturbing message informing me that my life just may not be exactly how I see it.

Now this message was really quite disturbing to me because of all things that I hold most near and dear to my heart are foremost my friends. My family life hasn’t ever really been a happy place for me, unless I was a bit sassy and could put a bit more fun in my dysfunctional family. I’ve always relied on my friends and lean on them when times get rough. Mainly because my friends truly know who I am, understand me, and know what makes me tick. Anyway, I’ve always thought that I’ve done a pretty good job of building friendships with some truly remarkable ladies and gentlemen and maintaining those relationships. It was a bit sad to see a lonely blue dot (me) in a white box with no other dots (friends) and just a text box stating, “You do not have any friends.” HA! Puhlease. Surely you jest!! Ugh… I never want to think about this but…if this statement was ever true…it would be the end…the end of me.

Alright..happy thoughts..happy thoughts. Coming off a great holiday weekend shared with my greatest friends (Thank you all)... Happy New Year All!! Here’s to turning things around and making the most of what we have!! I’m ready for ya 2006! Bring it on mister sister!



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