Saturday, September 24, 2005

People are weird!!!

This isn't a new revelation by any means but good god people are just weird. I'm not talking like major crazy things, but just small stupid things that make you wonder what's going on in their minds. Last night at the bar there were three sets of crazies that reminded me of this fact.
  • First up was the guy walking all around the bar licking an ice cream cone. How he got past the door guy with that is beyond me. I'm not quite sure why he would want to eat ice cream in a bar. I can't imagine strawberry ice cream goes too well with that bud light. Odd, but hey to each their own...

  • Second group was 3 straight girls who decided to dance along to the music and kept bumping into customers (and no we do not have a dance floor in my bar). A guy came up to me to complain and to inform me they had their shoes off. So I got up from behind the bar, told them to calm it down and that they need to put their shoes back on as it's a health code violation. So what do they decide to do?? Sulk in the corner all of them listening to their iPods. What the fuck is that??? Why would you listen to your iPod in a crowded noisy bar??? You won't be able to hear your music that well anyway and don't you go to a bar to socialize??

  • Last customer of the night informed me that he was a composer. His latest composition according to him is being recorded by Emmylou Harris. Then he sang it for me. It was an incest song about a little girl who likes to ride on her father's cock. *sigh* Thank God it was closing time and I could kick him out with out explaining to him what a fucking freak he is.

Where do these people come from?? I blame them for my decision at the very end of the night to do a round of Grand Marnier with the other bartenders . And that one round of shots led to another round with led to a total of 4 rounds of GM. head hurts...


At 10:01 AM, Blogger The Boy said...

Next time I'll eat my dollar menu Sunday on the street!


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