Friday, March 17, 2006

Hi, remember me?? :)

Okay, okay sorry to keep y'all in has been going at such a fast pace lately that my fingers just couldn't keep up in documenting it all.....some highlights:

1) Early Feb I got offered (and accepted) a new position at my day job - same building, different department. They wanted me to start right away, but seeing that I was smack dab in the middle of a HUGE project I held off my start date until March 1. Two weeks into the position I gotta say it's going well. The pace is a bit slower, but I've got enough things from the old position to finish up to keep me entertained for now. I'm actually pretty pleased with things, and hey - the extra $$ is pretty nice too...

The oddest thing I've found about moving to a new position in the same building is just the insane amount of gossip that accompanies such a transition. People tend to assume the worst about the old department and start trashing my old boss, who I actually think is a great guy. Others have a thing against the new boss and make veiled and not-so-veiled comments against him. Everyone seems to have an opinion and have absolutely no problem telling me what a wonderful/awful choice I've made.

Also interesting is to see the shift in the way certain people treat me. Like most places there is a fair share of departmental fighting that goes on. My switch certainly didn't move me over to the enemy's side, but the change in camps has made some people who formerly were complete dicks to me start to be nice to me. Now I'll never be a good at office politics because the whole game just annoys me and I refuse to play. I understand having disagreements and what not, but don't think there's ever a need to take it on the personal, below the belt level. And if you do decide to do that, don't expect that we are now best friends because it's more beneficial for you now to be in my good graces. I'm not going with hold a grudge and be an ass about things, but I'm also not going to forget certain people's true colors that they've already displayed quite prominently before.

Anyway...the whole process has been very interesting to watch from a sociological perspective...I find it very amusing...

2) On the dating front there is all sorts of craziness abound. Dating seems to always be famine or feast for me...... After a long dry spell void of anyone who peaked anything more than mild casual interest I finally found someone that I was really excited to go on a date with. In fact I found TWO someones that I was excited about going on date with.

First guy things went well and I had a good time but nothing really materialized, partially due to the fact that by the time we had our second date, another guy had come along and peaked my interest...

So this other guy and I had a date and things went insanely well. The kind of date where an outsider looking in could never tell that it was a first date because everything about it was so damn easy. We instantly had great banter back and forth, fun conversation and we were both all smiles. What really threw me was the fact that the self protective barriers that I have built up over the years kinda disappeared around him. I'm not used to that so it was cool....scary but cool.

Now the kinda messed up part of all this is that these two guys know each other and I don't handle dating two guys at the same time to begin with - and certainly not when they know each other and have the same friends. It's obvious to me the second guy - we'll call him Smiles because he's got an amazingly disarming smile - is the one I want to get to know better. I see a lot of potential there and really want to see what it could evolve into. He's been occupying a lot of happy thoughts in my mind this week and hopefully I'll have more good news to report on him as time goes by :)

3) Things at the bar are going pretty well....some of the bloggers have made appearances over the past couple weeks which is always good news for me. Seriously even if things are busy and I don't get to talk to them - just seeing all these friendly faces makes any night just a little bit better. Rumor has it I may get treated by the appearance of this New Yorker before he and his crew head over to blowoff on Saturday. Haven't seen him in a while and still hoping to someday meet this guy and his man, maybe someone can convince them swing over some night - or better yet, a blog gathering where none of us are behind the bar working!


At 9:42 PM, Blogger TOS said...

Howdy - glad to see you back, happy, richer and in the thralls of the meeting gorgeous men. :-) isn't the first couple of dates masochistically (is that a word?) wonderful? I would get all nervous and excited at the same time and then if it went well I'd be on cloud nine - still worried about how things would play out but just excited as hell to see him the next time. Fun fun! That Boo of mine caused the same feeling in me btw - totally disarming, so weird!

On the other note, I'll see what I can do! I'd be happy to host a blogger get together in my lil condo - that way nobody works and we can all go to Blowoff together which is only 2 blocks away!


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