Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Abused Chinese Children Attacked By Pirates Jump Roping For Jesus

yeah not really much else to say

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

he's baaaaack.........kinda....

I've decided to come out of hiding for a brief moment this evening and say hello again to the internets. y'all miss me? tonight's sneak appearance is brought to you courtesy of insomnia and my blog crush who has been prodding me for an update.

It's been so long since I wrote on here that I kinda forget what to write about. I could post about the new Hilary Clinton Sopranos spoof but I think that the fine folk here sum my thoughts up better than I could, right down to the Celine Dion disgust. Seriously there are few things in life more annoying or grating than that woman.

So let's see, maybe I should do a life update. Here's what's going on with Mr. Bartender:

* been dating a guy for 10.5 months which is a DC record for me. I have a habit of getting tired and annoyed with guys around the 1 month or 6 month mark so this is quite an accomplishment for me. Oh and for some reason he's still kinda sorta diggin' me. Odd but cool. Lots to write about him (how we met, dating, pipples popping policies, etc) but will save that for a later post...

* new day job! yay! still working non-profit, but switching outside of the arts has made a world of difference. FAR better salary, and above all a different level of respect for employees. The standard benefits are all top notch, but we also get fun perks like Fridays off in August, lunches at the Mayflower for Administrative Professionals day and my personal favorite a gym in the basement. Can i just say how amazing it is to workout during the lunch hour!?!? And it's decent enough of a gym that I canceled my Washington Sports Membership and am going to the gym 4-5 times a week instead of just 2-3.

* new job -> more money -> less dependence on bar money -> mr. bartender taking more time off from the bar and having a full weekend like "normal" people do. it's been kinda amazing. FINALLY have been able to attend blowoff which is OH SO MUCH FUN. It's Mr. Bartender's time to hang out with the fun blog boys, get half naked, and make out with the boyfriend in front of hot men, and then make out with hot men in front of the boyfriend.

* new job -> more money -> less debt! I still have TONS but I've made such good progress is trimming down the fat off those credit cards. I'd started focusing on my spiraling problem about a year and a half ago and started paying more than the minimum due and spending with debit card or cash only. Those things were great but it wasn't until the new job that I could actively and aggressively throw money at the problem and see it start to go down. Feel like it's much more manageable now.

And I guess that's it for now. Pretty lame update I know...honestly do you guys really care about my credit card debt? Nah, but maybe this post is more about getting back on the blogging horse again.

But I can't leave you without giving you ANY entertainment, so I give you a little slice of randomness that I've been playing FAR too often at the bar...