Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yet another reason to love Neko Case

It's been ages since I posted on here and we have a ton to catch up on folks (short version -> Mr. B falls in love, Mr. B's bf gets a job in MN, Mr. B moves to MN to be with bf, a year goes by, blah, blah, blah, Mr. B is single and sad).... but all that catch up can wait....for now we have some good news to talk about....

As if there weren't enough reasons to absolutely love Neko Case, she recently gave us one more...

She's released the first single from her Middle Cyclone album that's due out on March 3rd. The single People Got A Lot of Nerve is out on her website and downloadable for free (download here). New Neko always makes me happy so that alone is pretty cool news.

But now here's the kicker - for every blog post about the single she'll donate $5 to Best Friends Animal Society, for every iLike user who posts it to their profile she'll donate a dollar.

Marketing ploy? Not at all folks - she's incredibly dedicated to the issue of animal welfare. I had the privilege of meeting Neko and Kelly Hogan (her AMAZING backup singer) this past fall while they were touring through Minneapolis. They accepted an offer to swing by the Animal Humane Society for a tour before the concert that evening. All through out the concert they would dedicate songs to the animals they met that day with things like "and this song goes out to Spike, a 4 year old lab mix who loves long walks and belly rubs". They really involved the crowd with the important work we do and encouraged adoptions and donations - at the end of the night we met many people who said they were inspired to offer their support. This is an issue that both Neko and Kelly seemed incredibly passionate about.

And while this particular promotion doesn't go to the Animal Humane Society that I work for, it goes toward the same mission - to serve the lifelong needs of homeless, neglected and abused animals. Please take a second to promote Neko, promote this single and promote the work of the organizations that support animal welfare. This is a wonderful free way to help out - but I also encourage you to consider a tax deductible donation of your very own - you can give to the Animal Humane Society, Best Friends or an animal welfare/rescue group in your local community - but please remember to support the animals that are in need.

In fact, to continue this spirit of giving, I'll make a commitment as well. For anyone who posts about this promotion of Neko's on their blog and mentions reading about it here, I'll make a $5 donation to the Animal Humane Society. I'll make another $5 donation for everyone who makes an online contribution directly to the Animal Humane Society and emails me at about it or leaves a message in the comments.

(btw - i read somewhere that Middle Cyclone feature guest vocals by the incredible Sarah Harmer - how much am I looking forward to this CD!!!!!)