Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Afternoon thoughts

* I checked the blog stats today and was very happy to see that someone from Berkeley, CA made it to our site by a google search for "How to ask a bartender for a date". Good luck to you Berkeley! I hope my words help you find love (or at least a good shag!)

* I'm feeling my cold subside!! I even mustered up the energy to get myself back into the gym last night which was GREATLY needed - especially if my Halloween costume works out as planned. Yes indeed I may be showing a bit more skin behind the bar than I've ever done before. I really need to make sure my chest is plump and my belly is not. A skimpy costume also presents some issues beyond body image ones - such as, where does one put their bottle opener when they have no pockets?

* Reason #4,639,208 that I love the internet: Last night I found and downloaded a bootleg of Liz Phair's 9:30 Club performance from last week. Thank you Dime-A-Dozen!! Reliving this concert on my iPod has helped me get through a CRAZY work day.

* New blog from Team Lady's friend Kiki - be sure to check him out and say hello!

* Speaking of crazy work days - I've gotta issue a big ole "no ma'am" to the girl who quit several months ago and decided to stop by today for 2 HOURS with her crying baby. Seriously, you left here on a bad note - you professed quite loudly how much you hated the people who work here, and yet you wanna come in here and expect us to go gaga over your new baby. Oh no! It'd be one thing if you were just a standard run of the mill bitch, but honey you were the office queen of homophobia and racism. I am not going to tell you how cute your baby is when you issued such gems to me as "ugh, gay marriage is such a joke" and "only gay men get ahead in this world" and my favorite when I expressed my annoyance with kids "well I guess it's a good thing you chose to be gay - that way you can't have them".


At 6:07 PM, Anonymous El Coruchero said...

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At 6:58 PM, Blogger KiKi said...

No pockets ANYWHERE? That leaves only the crack for your bottle opener. Then again, I hear it's been used AS a bottle opener before. There--storage problem solved!

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Dale said...

coming from someone who's had experience in this field.... if you're wearing anything with an elastic waist band that can be used to hold many things, just make sure the waistband in question is tight enough or you'll lose more than just the bottle opener....


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