Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Flying Solo

A couple months ago Team Lady saw that Nickel Creek was coming to the 9:30 Club in October and we made plans to get tickets. One of the great thing about the 9:30 Club is that everyone can buy their tickets on their own and since it’s standing room we don’t have to worry about not being seated next to each other. Being the concert lover that I am, I rushed out in bought my ticket immediately along with 2 other concerts that I was dying to go to. Since I already had friends lined up to accompany me for Nickel Creek I just bought one ticket for myself.

Well this Sunday, day of the concert, I awoke to get a phone call from Kevin saying something came up and he will be unable to go to the concert. Later in the day Mrs. Jesus calls and says he didn't have a ticket and that the website says the concert is sold out. We decide to meet up for dinner and then see if we can find a friendly scalper outside willing to part with his tickets. Unfortunately over the course of dinner Mrs. Jesus starts feeling a bit ill and decides to bail on the concert as well.

I am now flying solo.

Now there are certain communal activities I have no problem doing alone. I have no problem going to the movies alone, no problem eating dinner at a restaurant alone, and certainly have no problems having sex alone (do that one daily!). Concerts on the other hand are a bit more difficult for me. For one, it’s hard to establish your territory. You grab a cocktail and find a great place to stand - all is fine and well. But your cocktail somehow empties and your bladder somehow becomes full. What do you do? If you move to get another cocktail and to pee you lose your prime real estate. Sure I could ask the person next to me to hold my spot, but that probably isn’t appropriate after I told her to shut up so I could hear the opening act. I decide to cut my losses, do my business and find a new place to stand. (going to see the opening act is always problematic because the majority of the people going could care less about them and end up talking through the entire set)

So I peed, grabbed another cocktail and looked for a new location. The place was beginning to fill up and I wandered around looking for a new place to stand. Then I found it. It was a hot guy that first caught my attention, then I noticed he was by a bar (two things I love in the same place) so I decided to camp out there. I began to observe the hottie’s interaction with his friend and it appeared they were more than just friends. Shortly after two more friends came to the group and it became apparent they were all big ole queens like me. Whew!

The concert started and it was really great. Halfway through I saw one of my customers who I find consistently annoying start making his way through the crowd toward my direction. He approached the gay boys in front of me and started chatting with them. While I was relieved he avoided me I was beginning to get annoyed listening to his constant chatter over the concert I paid money to see. I shot my "I hate you" glare into the back of his head to no effect. I began to notice though that it was only the annoying guy who initiated conversation and if someone spoke back to him it seemed to be only out of polite obligation. Finally I decided to make a move and tapped annoying guy on the back and told him to please be quiet so I could watch the concert. He rolled his eyes at me, leaned over to the guys he was talking to and quietly distanced himself from them.

At the end of the concert I walked my solo ass out to the curb and began to make phone calls to figure out where Team Lady was at and to make plans for the rest of the night. As I was getting off a phone call the hottie approached me. "Thank you SOOO much for telling that guy to shut up...he was annoying all of us. I don't even really know him. He's a friend of someone I know - and that guy doesn't like him either..."

Yay...that made me happy.

So the rule is if you ever find yourself flying solo for a concert, use your gaydar to find some peeps to hang with, and win their favor by telling the rude people around them to shut up.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger aklsdjhfa said...

Glad it worked out for you! I'd never been to a concert by myself before I arrived in DC. The nice thing about 9:30 is that you can stand wherever, and be comfortable in your own space, instead of awkwardly being in seats. I find it's important to arrive just before the headliner is going to play (or if you want to see the opening act, just before they take the stage.) That way, you minimize the amount of time spent alone, sans music, or anything else to do.


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