Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend Thoughts

Bar Life
1. This weekend at the bar was painful. My favorite coworker was gone and it was just a consistently annoying crowd – as a result I’ve decided I need to pen another guide – “How To Order A Drink Without Pissing Off Your Bartender”. Be on the lookout for that later this week.

2. As painful as the bar was at times, I was blessed to have some favorites of mine swing by to lift up my spirits. The Boy made an appearance on Friday, and “The Group That I Don’t Have A Nick-Name For Yet But They Know Who They Are” came both Friday and Saturday nights. When The Boy and The Group arrived they could see I was kindy pissy and helped make me smile again. Cheers to them.

3. Received a gross pick up line that reminded me of a similar line heard by the delightful boys at Gays Of Our Lives. Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes” came on and a customer turned to me and said “I wanna see you brown eye”. The naïve and innocent side of me responded “But I have blue eyes”. He flashed me a dirty smile and said “I know”…I paused and realized what brown eye he was referring to. I cringed.

(background to this weekend’s story)
After a recent series of guys who became overly-attached on the first date, I decided a couple weeks ago that I am putting my dating life on a temporary hiatus. One recent guy started “we”ing me on date #2. He had many plans for what WE should do in the future months, including a vacation, Christmas plans and worst of all – the meeting of each other’s parents. I made sure WE called things off after that date...anyway...

1. A couple weeks ago I informed another gentleman caller at the end of our third date that I did not wish to continue this dating endeavor. A week later he emailed me and said he was a bit confused as to where we stood. I wrote back and informed him that currently I am not interested in dating anyone. On Friday I received another email from him asking me out to dinner. *sigh* On Saturday night not only did he make an appearance in my bar, he stayed in my bar from about 11PM til close. As hard as I tried to ignore his continual presence I couldn’t help but be annoyed. This morning I have another email awaiting me saying how great it was to see me on Saturday and that he’d like to spend more time together. I must put an end to this...

2. A rather attractive guy was in the bar both Friday and Saturday nights. We exchanged smiles, he over-tipped me, I comped him some drinks – great system. Although since I’m not dating I never made a move for an exchange beyond bartender-customer. Sunday night however found me at JRs having several cocktails and he appeared. We chatted for awhile and I fessed up as to my reluctance to date. I explained that while a relationship is a goal for me in time, it’s not a goal for my immediate future. Currently I’m wanting to be single. Despite all that being said, the combination of alcohol and hormones made me semi interested in a casual date and I agreed to one. We exchanged numbers, emails and maybe a couple kisses. We’ll see what develops and how long it takes before I freak out and jump ship :)

1. Spent some more time with the new Fiona Apple CD trying to like it. While a good CD, it’s now official that I prefer the Jon Brion version hands down. Despite what Entertainment Weekly tells you on their review the Brion version is far more complex and interesting.

2. Listened to the new Liz Phair CD which gets released tomorrow and am LOVING it. Must rush out to buy it tomorrow. I sooooo can’t wait to see her at the 9:30 club next week. It’s gonna be a great show! Y’all should come!!

3. Patty Griffin is making a cameo in Cameron Crowe’s new movie “Elizabethtown”. My favorite song of hers, Long Ride Home, made the soundtrack and CMT has a video for it right here. I’m in love...


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Dale said...

YIKES!!! I wonder what the thought process is when these guys use such pickup lines....

....also, quasi stalkers.. no good, I recently gave a gentleman his walking papers after 2 dates to get several messages from him on how much I hurt him... I mean really,2 dates?? c'mon.

Hope you ladies can make it to HH on thursday!

At 3:04 PM, Blogger aklsdjhfa said...

"brown eye"

I would have thrown up. On him. And still felt sick.

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Me Over Here said...

I just got done saying I wanted to be single, that I was ENJOYING that life...and then I went ahead and met a fantastic Brit who I have fallen in love with.

Yes, well...something's ringing in my head about cards...and the hand that life dealt me?

I was introduced to Patti Griffin by a good friend of mine and really enjoyed her music, and I'm dying to see Elizabethtown.

A lot for a random post, eh?


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