Friday, September 30, 2005

My alter ego

On a whim I decided to google my name...

I found someone who shares my full name

and is in the service industry just like me

although there is one small difference in our professions...

I tend bar
He tends to the sexual needs

I found him on a male escort review site. I read the reviews and he seems to be quite talented. Most of the reviews were quite descriptive as to what actions were performed and in what manner, but here is one of the tamer reviews:

Location: new york, new york
****'s Website

Ethnicity: Caucasian Age: 30's
Height: 6'1" (185 cm) Weight: 170-180 lbs (77-82 kg)
Build: Defined
Eyes: Green
Hair: Short Sandy Brown
Body Hair: Trimmed
Facial Hair: Goatee
Cock: Cut 6-7" (15-18 cm) Average

Orientation: Gay
Kissing: Yes
Masturbation: Both
Anal: Versatile
Roles: Companion Escort Travel
Smoking: No
Piercing: One
Rates for time only(US $): Session=250

Date: 05/2004
Type: 1
Hour Rate: $250
Rating: Recommended
Hire Again? Yes
Where Found? Chatroom
Reviewed Before? Yes
Match Description? Yes
Lived up? Yes

***** is a personable, responsible adult. He approaches what he does like a true and fair businessman, delivering what he promises (and then some), and always arriving on time, anytime. He even makes payment extremely convenient by offering his clients the ability to pay through his Web site, via PayPal.

He has a dry sense of humor, and is highly intelligent. He never delivers the goods and then simply leaves. Conversation is always included, naturally.

Frankly stated, having sex with **** is no different than having sex with one's lover, fuck buddy or boyfriend (if not better!)To those reading this review, you will just have to give him a try to see for yourself.

I recommend his services highly, as he is the only escort I have hired again and again.

Handle: MediterraneanThroat
Submissions: First Review

I am a white male, 38-yrs. of age, 5'11", 145lbs. I am professionally employed, and live in New York City.

My other alter egos are very musical fellows. One did a remix of a Vanessa Williams song, one is a violinist and one wrote a gospel song. Praise Jesus!!


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