Thursday, October 06, 2005


1. We have confirmation from two independent sources that Halo bartender is indeed in a relationship. One source reports not only is he in a relationship but they have moved in together. I seriously hope they have an "understanding" as it sounds like his attempted infidelity is not an isolated incident.

2. Overheard coming out of a young GW student's mouth a couple days ago "uh, i mean HELLO!!! - I am a child of privilege..." *sigh* I have no idea what the context was, all I know is that sentiments like that make me shed a tear for the future of America.

3. Roommate being out of town means the apartment has now become a clothing optional resort!! I love waking up and not having to bother to put on shorts before I grab a morning glass of OJ.

4. Gay bloggers meetup is on for tonight at JRs - 8:30. Those feeling adventurous shall migrate on to the Lantern at 10:00 for some free booze...

5. I had a great evening last night catching up on Tivo. Arrested Development was hysterical as always - love the addition of Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw (Blah, blah, blah). Law and Order SVU proved you can have a riveting episode even without the glorious eye candy Chris Meloni. And Lost once again left me feeling upset that I have to wait another long week to get another 40 min fix. Although, having to wait a week still isn't as bad as the knowledge that there is only one more episode of Weeds left this season. I heart Mary Louise Parker.


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