Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Boozin' It Up On A Tuesday

If my life were an After School Special the themes in last night’s episode would have included alcohol abuse, peer pressure and adultery. (Of course if my life were an After School Special I also would have been date raped and maimed in a drunk driving accident …. Fortunately neither of those two happened)

Last night, Team Lady headed on over to Halo for a happy hour celebration. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with the company of Prada and The Little Bird which made me happy as I haven’t seen either one of them in ages. It was a great time!!

Some moments of interest:

* The Little Bird showed us one of the benefits of dating a cop when he pulled out his parking pass to turn an illegal parking spot into tow & ticket free rock star parking.

* Having the sexy bartender at Halo comp every round. Aside from being generous with the alcohol he is also absolutely adorable so I ended up tipping a $20 each time. One of my tips was handed back to me along with a phone number and email address :P I took the phone & email and went to give the money right back to him. He insisted he didn’t want it unless it had my phone number on it. Drunk logic didn’t realize dictate that this might not be the best idea. As that bill gets circulated around the world I can only imagine the phone numbers that may come in. It’s like Where’s George except on my cell phone…

* Despite my best intentions to leave Halo and go home, I was pressured to go with the Halo bartender & his friend to Cobalt. Knowing that Mrs. Jesus and Prada had already migrated over there made this seem like it was an okay idea. Who needs dinner or sleep when you have alcohol to consume and a cute boy to talk to?

* Finding my uncoordinated self on the dance floor. Mental note – if I want to impress a guy do not dance in front of him. Ever. In fact I ran into “The Hot Bitches” and I think the horror of my dancing even scared THEM away because they did not stay long.

* Closing Cobalt on a Tuesday night. Is there really a need for this???

* Having Mr. Halo giving my drunk ass a ride home and a very extended good night kiss. That was yummy.

* Waking up this morning and finding him on friendster only to discover he is “in a relationship”. What the hell is that about?

* Walking to work this morning and running into a guy I went on 4 dates with in as many weeks about two years ago. We had uncomfortable small talk at the stop light and then he decided he’d rather face the onslaught of oncoming traffic than continue to converse with me. He said “well uh, I have to get going” and walked right in front of several cars that almost hit him.

* Seconds later running into Mr. Halo who was also on his walk to work and also running late and also kinda hungover. We engaged in much more pleasant small talk and he insisted I give him a call or email. Not sure how to broach the “uh, do you have a boyfriend?” question. I’m not really looking for a relationship right now, but I don’t wanna be no home wrecker either. Oh what to do??


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Dale said...

sounds like you had a productive weekend! look forward to HH tom.


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