Sunday, November 13, 2005

The L Word, Season 2, Episode 1

Why does Tim strip naked to have sex with his sexualy confused girlfriend, only to make just two dramatic thrusts that leave me more confused than either one of them as Tim, half dressed, leaves town in his U-Haul. Lesbians have more drama than men and I am loving this second Season of "The L Word," sans the beginning theme song and the intro effects that smack of the beginning of "My Two Dads."

Cut Scene==
(enters Ritalin on phone) Ritalin: "Lets got to Halo."
BGK: Ok.

Halo is lovely. I did all my chores and hunkered down for the night, and then felt compelled to go out. Ritalin was my excuse. I swore myself to only 10pm and pulled it off famously. Halo is like the world showcase at Epcot these days. I'm amazed. I'm impressed. I'm also discouraged by way too many languages that make communication most difficult. "I said excuse me, not squeeze me." Mental note (ok, I actually wrote it down to remember): Do Latin men hook up with Latin men? I've not met/slept with a latin man that didn't want to top, so that's why I ask.

Someone farted too. I thought it was Ritalin, but it wasn't. Remarkably, after not having spoken to anyone all night, I began to make conversation with guy across from me who had graduated from UM (another mental note: second time I went to Cobalt and met someone from my old neighborhood). Even more profound as that I had to contend with a foul smell that you know he thought was coming from me and visa-versa. In those moments, I just want to turn the music off, raise the lights up and confess that it wasn't me, so no one walks away thinking so.

There was a guy with white shorts, boat shoes and a PLAYBILL wondering up and down the bar. Odd. It was two-for-one tonight, so I'm not making a big-to-do about it.



At 3:36 PM, Blogger KiKi said...

Who is Ritalin? Do you have any extra of him/her?

At 10:08 PM, Blogger Stef said...

Hey BGK, I found you! ;-)


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