Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Sorry kids for falling out of sight in the blog land....life has been a bit busy lately and free time hasn't exactly been in abundance lately. Not many of my distractions are very blog-worthy, except for the distraction of the past weekend...

The Colin Farrell sex tape...


Now it's far from a perfect. The cinematography is kinda poor, mainly focused on body parts as opposed to Colin on the whole and no money shot, but I must admit I love this find. It made a quick transformation from a download on my computer to the newest addition to my video iPod.

I think this film was made during the Daredevil era which is why he's sporting the bald head

Other parts of him were less bald which caused the girl he was with to have some accidental flossing...Colin busted out with this gem after her third stop to pick a stray out of her mouth:

"it's like you've going fishing for fucking pubes you're just catching every fucking pube i have...by the end of this morning we won't need to fucking shave me, they'll be none left"

oh he's such a sweet talker....other verbal highlights include

"if this camera could blush it'd be so fucking red that's how hot you are"

"holy shit I didn't know they made bastards as sexy as you man" (i pretend he's saying this one to me)

"this has got to the be the shabbiest fucking photography in the history of fucking porn but you know what? I could give a fuck"

All of this said with his sexy ass accent....oh colin....even when you're dirty you're ever so dreamy...

Life outside of porn has been going well too....Great weekend at the bar - we got a new 50 inch plasma screen tv, it was busy both nights and made some good $$$$. Can't complain at all about that.

It was also the second week in a row I'd been asked the question "are you Mr. Bartender???" - a question that throws me every time. I'm not quite sure why...maybe because when I get recognized I immediately think back to the most embarrassing post I had written. Sure people who know me think nothing of me transcribing Colin Farell quotes from his sex tape, but what about the person I'm meeting right now.

Anyway, the two guys I met this weekend actually seemed like cool peeps (I mean naming your blog after a tori amos song is more than alright in my book!). Hopefully my awkward & reluctant response wasn't misinterpreted. I'm always glad to meet more quality people :)


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