Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekend Recap

1) Friday night at the bar a customer pointed out to me that I hadn't thoroughly thought out my t-shirt selection for the evening. Given recent events I should have waited a bit longer before wearing this shirt again. Amazing how easily it can change from a play on words joking about pedophilia to being a shirt about necrophilia.

2. Also on Friday I learned that the iPod update that was released earlier last week and that I had installed the night before was seriously flawed. It created more bugs than it solved. About half of the videos would only play for about 30 seconds, skip and then start playing again without sound. So here's a word of warning for you video iPod owners - don't do the upgrade just yet - hold off until Apple gets their shit together.

If you were like me and installed before you found out about all the problems, go to the second page of the link above. Someone writes in about how to revert back to the old version - worked like a charm for me and baby iPod is functioning again in all her glory.

3. Sat night started off nicely with some deliciously wrong episodes of Drawn Together and the arrival of Sean , Headwound Gymnast, Scott and a bunch of others whose names escape me. They hung out for a round or two and departed just as Mrs. Jesus , The Boy , and Chip arrived. More good times were had until they left and then the good times DIED. As 2 AM approached I looked around and realized that every customer in there was annoying the fuck out of me one way or another. "oh there's a bad tipper, oh look there's a no tipper, oh and here we have Mr. order a drink and then disappear, oh yay the jackass who screams at me every time he's finished his beer is still here - wooo" I got cranky and counted down minute by minute until I could call last call. It felt like it'd never come...

4. Sunday night I finally was able to participate with the leather weekend festivities as the gang headed on out to the Reaction dance. Now Nation isn't normally my scene and I am awful at dancing, but I had a such a great time. After about half an hour I felt so emboldened to take my shirt off and danced until the wee hours of the morning... Finally met this guy and we shook our tail feathers with him for a bit. Also ran into some unexpected non-blog folks that made me smile all night long. Great times!!!


At 7:42 PM, Anonymous Headwound Gymnast said...

Always a pleasure seeing you. Next time promise to spend more time there instead of heading out to another venue.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Bernie said...

Mr. Bartender, it was a pleasure to meet you last night and put a face to the humurous posts. Thanks for the tip about the iPod update. I would have a serious breakdown if my baby wasn't working right.


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