Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So much to say!

Sorry for the slight delay in an update. The weekend was absolutely crazy. Here’s what’s been keeping me so busy:

1. Jesus walked on water and my iPod returned from the dead!! Yes, as I was heading to the bar on Friday I thought about sneaking over to the iPod store in VA and get them to send it in for repairs. I picked it out of my bag and noticed all of the sudden it was working!!! Well, kinda. It was still very sick – unable to play about half of the songs and lagging big time on the ones it could play. But it worked!! I was shocked. It died again on Sunday but I just shook the hell out of it and it began to work (kinda) again. Because of iPod’s resurrection I remained in unusually good spirits on Friday despite the slow crowd. Even managed to smile and joke around with the most annoying customers. Rode that natural high through the night and supplemented it with a touch of alcohol. Got to bed that night still happy and very tipsy…

2. Spent Saturday afternoon shopping with my favorite coworker on a quest for our Halloween costumes. While we weren’t able to find our original idea, I think we managed to go one step above. Very cute idea, and I think it’ll play well.

3. Painfully slow night on Saturday at the bar. Rainy weather + Miss Adams Morgan = No one at my bar. Slow nights can just a bitch. Not just in terms of the financials, but slow nights just drag on and on and on….that being said there were some memorable moments….

4. Most enjoyable of those moments was the surprise guest appearance of Sean and company. They provided some much need relief in what appeared to be the start of a tragic evening. In addition to being good company, their presence upped the eye candy level many degrees. To the reader’s of Sean’s blog, I’ll tell ya he’s just as hot as you fantasized thought he’d be and then some...

5. I realized that I should have been more specific with my “Rules for dating and hitting on a bartender”. A customer handed me a wad of $1 bills with a phone number hidden inside. Initially it appeared he was following rule #5 quite well - that is until next round when he ordered a beer. I considered comping his drink but after receiving his phone number a comp drink would imply a shared interest on my part. I hadn’t decided about him yet and wasn’t going to send any signals. I charged him for the drink and he fumbled around a bit and said “oooh, well actually I gave you all of my money with that tip – can you just take it out of there?” What a hillariously tacky moment.

6. Endured several tragic straight girls Saturday night as well. Favorite moment was when this girl set her empty bottle of Miller Light on the bar and asked for another. I gave her a new one, charged her and a minute later she screams out my name. I go over to see what’s up and she starts laying into me for giving her an empty bottle. I pause, look at her and say “it would help if you’d grab the full bottle I gave to you and not the empty one you gave to me”

7. Request to all my customers – please do not smoke a crack pipe in the premises where I work. I'd appreciate if you'd take that shit elsewhere. Thank you.

8. Got home from the bar around 4:00 AM and immediately crashed so I could prepare for my 7:30 wakeup call. Yes indeed, my day job had an event on Sunday and I had my first meeting for that on Sunday morning at 9:30. Worked the whole day until just past midnight. Nothing quite like a 14 hour work day on 3 hours of sleep.

9. The event on Sunday had numerous VIPs and big wigs which isn't a big deal to me, but apparently people doubt it when I say what I do. While working I ran into a guy I had two bad dates with several months back. He approached me and said “I didn’t REALLY think you worked here but when I saw you walk in with XXX I was like I ‘wow I guess he DOES work here’” What the hell is that about??? Just because I bartend I must be lying about my “real” job? Obnoxious!

10. On Sunday I met a woman who was nice but just a little too open. It started off fine but then she told me she’s been married for 18 years and asked if I was married. I said “nah, it’s not exactly legal for me to marry just yet”. She paused for a bit until it dawned on her just what I was saying. That of course was followed up with “Hmmm, who could I set you up with?? Oh I know a great gay doctor in Boston”. *sigh* Anyway, she apparently took my "coming out" to her (is it really coming out when you're already out?) as a sign that we are completely open with each other. Soon we were discussing her dissolving marriage, their difficulties having children, how the husband resents her for being infertile and not being able to carry on his legacy and how for this reason he was unsupportive when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now I was sympathetic to her and really do feel bad she’s had to endure all of that – but why the hell would you share that much personal info with a complete stranger. Awkward moment...

11. Monday morning had a 3 hour meeting and returned to my desk sleep and tired from the weekend. Luckily fate decided I deserved a little suprise for all of my hard work and graced me with a small box from Fed Ex. Yes, my new iPod had arrived two days earlier than Fed Ex predicted!!! I spent last night loading it with oodles of music and am loving it so far – the display really is a thing of beauty. I’m going to be babying until this arrives as it’s been reported to scratch insanely easy.


At 1:02 AM, Blogger Sean. Spelled the Right Way said...

Mr. B, you're a sweetheart for mentioning me and my buddies. We all had a great time visiting, and it was part of one of the best nights out I've had in recent memory.

We'd have stayed all night, exceptin' that we had plans to visit Blowoff and connect with good friends.

Bonus points that I was a witness to the guy who slipped his phone number, then was outta cash. Feh...


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