Friday, October 28, 2005

Links galore!

Alright this post is all about links stolen from other people:

1. Dale found and emailed me this gem. It's quite an educational and entertaining read. I have to admit some fear when I forwarded it to my boss and he noted just a few short seconds later that they were missing a definition for "scat". Oh and did they really need to use the word "frothy" in describing "santorum"?

2. Sulu finally came out!! Okay, any closeted celebrities that may be reading this blog (yeah right...) I've got a word of advise for you. You need to come out of the closet when you're young and at the top of your game. Waiting until you're a washed up 68 year old D-list celeb does no one any good. If you come out now not only will you score a big one for gay visibility you'll also be able to get all sorts of hot sexy starfuckers back to your mansion.

Matthew Fox, are you listening to me???

(first sight of this news on here and here)

3. Jimbo's site is also where I found this Washington Blade Story about the 15 year sentence of Wyatt Wood - a local meth dealer. Now if you ask me he got off easy and I've got some words for him - Fuck you Wyatt! If it was up to me you'd be locked up for life. The damage you have done to our community has been devastating and depressing. Sadly you are just a the tip of the iceburg of a very big problem. I've seen first hand too many people's lives destroyed by the shit you peddled. Because of people like you I've experienced darker days than I ever imagined I'd see. I sure hope your days rotting in a jail cell is just as dark.
Karma can be bitch, can't she?


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